Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Overestimating The Great Unwashed

I posted this five minute video some while ago under the title "Now I Know How Idiots Get Elected President."

I post it again perhaps as a word of caution to those among us that would have us believe that there is a mighty groundswell of public awareness regarding this case.

There is a change in public opinion and there is a growing awareness as to just who the true perps are, the perps that are really responsible for Madeleine's disappearance.

But that change is as slow as it it is gradual, I just say to those that think, or wishfully think, that there is a great upsurge of new belief among the plebs, be careful, don't let your hopes run away with you.

This video is about as far removed from the McCann case as it possibly could be, but it's well worth watching for any number of reasons. Statistically there are far more people in the world that mirror the three in the film than there are thinking heads, irrespective of gender or nationality.

Listen to the woman's reply when asked where she gets her information from, it's not a big stretch to change a name and the location and all of a sudden you might be saying, sounds a tad familiar.

Even if you do not watch it for the reasons I state, you may want to watch it for nothing more than it's cor fuckin blimey value.