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Uncleared Suspect in Simulating a Crime and Hiding a Cadaver to be Guest Speaker at CEOP Conference on Child Abduction

And let's make no bones about it, uncleared major suspect he is and and uncleared he will remain until exonerated or not in a court of law.

Insufficient evidence is not an indication of innocence, nor might I add, the indecent and unprecedented haste by the Portuguese authorities in archiving the case of a missing child is not an indication that there is no case to answer.

On the contrary, the unprecedented, and believe me not only is it unprecedented it is unique in Portuguese criminal history* that a case of a missing child should be archived after such a short period of time is not only indicative that there is a case to answer but is confirmation in fact.

Why was the case archived you may ask, I don't know, the same as I don't know why McCann attended and received a standing ovation at the National Police Federation annual bravery awards.

The same I don't know why, that the ineffectual Leicestershire Constabulary have, and continue to have, a direct link from the force's own website to the grotesque Find Madeleine/Fund/Online Shop website of two uncleared suspects in a major crime.

And if I don't know the answer to any of the above, there is one thing for sure, I don't know why Gerry McCann is a guest speaker of the CEOP.

A reminder then for the reason Gerry and Kate McCann being made arguidos.

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They were made arguidos, this was public, for simulating a crime and hiding a cadaver. Expresso 04 July 2008

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And beyond that, in our law there exists the principal of no self-incrimination. A person can't continue speaking forever as a witness and providing evidence ("indications"). There is certainly a stigma in the arguido status, but I don't know what is worse. They were made arguidos, this was public,(knowledge) for simulating a crime and hiding a cadaver.

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They were made arguidos on suspicion of two crimes: concealing a body and simulating an abduction and potentially the crime of abandonment. But saying they were made arguidos on the merest possibility that they were involved in the disappearance of their child is not true. The conclusions reached by the team investigating the crime, including colleagues in Britain,

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“there was a common understanding”, between Portuguese and British police officers involved in the investigation, about the fact that Madeleine was dead.There was evidence, about two different crimes – which were referred by the defence lawyer, Pinto de Abreu, in a public statement – and it was hiding a body and a criminal simulation. That was the situation, when I left the investigation,” Mr. Amaral said. The former PJ inspector, who has a Law Degree from Lisbon University, mentioned the fact that “these kind of cases of disappearance, frequently bring with it other crimes, sometimes fake statements or physical abuse”. Source The interviews. McCannfiles

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Yet somehow this uncleared suspect, the last person to see Madeleine McCann alive and statistically most likely to be involved the disappearance of the child is somehow a guest speaker at a conference hosted by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (Centre) (CEOP) on the subject of sexually-motivated child abductions.

I despair I really do, and not just for Madeleine McCann, I despair for this country, for what it has become and what has become acceptable to it, no matter how corrupt and offensive that it may be.

This is a much reduced version of the CEOP webpage.

Taken: Sexually-motivated child abductions

A One Day Conference, Tuesday 26 January 2010. School of Oriental and African Studies, Bloomsbury, London


The stereotypical, high profile incidents of child abduction play into every parent’s worst nightmare and often result in media attention and public hysteria. Whilst the names of those children and offenders alike are engrained within our collective consciousness, these cases are mercifully very rare. Indeed, parental disputes resulting in the abduction of a child by one parent still make up the majority of abduction cases per se................

Conference objectives

This one day conference will explore the issues associated with a variety of child abduction cases, predominantly focussing on sexually motivated stranger abductions.

By using a combination of recent research, operational case studies and offender debriefs, this conference seeks to identify pertinent issues for any such investigation...........


09:00 Registration

09:30 Welcome: Jim Gamble, Chief Executive, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

09.45 Multiple case research: Jim O. Beasley III, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

10.30 An holistic approach: Adam Gregory, Senior Behavioural Investigative Adviser, National Policing Improvement Agency

11:00 Break

11.30 Operation Paris – the Shannon Matthews investigation: Detective Superintendent Andy Brennan, Detective Inspector Andy Walker, West Yorkshire Police

12:30 Lunch

13.30 False allegations of abduction: William Donaldson, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

14:30 Break

14.45 Insight from the minds of child abductors:Detective Chief Superintendent Graham Hill, Dr Joe Sullivan, Consultant Chartered Psychologist, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

16.00 Closing speech: Gerry McCann

16.30 Questions and answers session: All speakers

Key Note Speakers

James O. Beasley III, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Andy Brennan, Detective Superintendent, West Yorkshire Police

William H. Donaldson, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Adam Gregory, Senior Behavioural Investigative Adviser, National Policing Improvement Agency

Graham Hill, Detective Chief Superintendent, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

Dr Joe Sullivan, Principal Forensic Behavioural Analyst, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre

Who should attend

This one day conference is most suitable for those involved in child abuse investigation including:

Senior Investigating Offices and their deputies;
Police Family Liaison Officers working in major crime investigations;
Child protection professional who support major crime investigations; and
Critical incident managers and front line senior supervisors.

Delegate criteria and cost

There is a delegate fee of £195 per person which includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

I was going to hint that perhaps someone that lived in the area might take the trouble to attend, having seen the entrance fee perhaps I won't.

* Should I be proved wrong on this statement I will stand correcting.

h/t mccannfiles and as ever to those that work so tirelessly to bring us the various English translations of documents et al.