Sunday, 27 December 2009

Goncalo Amaral Clears Up A Few Misconceptions

My daughter has been abducted but my priorities lie with cooking up a timeline for plod. (Jane Tanner Liar)

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“Do not underestimate me” warns Goncalo Amaral.

Well it's not really entitled as such, I just thought it had a nice ring to it.

The former coordinator of the Judiciary Police considers that “a police officer is not obliged to obtain results”, but do the best that he can. In addition, he is convinced that he will win the case which opposes him to the English couple regarding the temporary injunction over his book, “Do not underestimate me”, he warns.

O Crime – How do you answer to the observation made by the couple, in an interview to our newspaper, that none of the PJ investigators has done more than their job, unlike you, who accused persons that the prosecutor and the judge have declared to be innocents?

The couple is misinformed. The process never reached within the scope of any judge, it stayed by the prosecutor. Then, the prosecutor did not made a definite archival but a provisional one, leaving the case on «double boiler», pending for the production of better evidence.

However, the final dispatch concludes that, to the parents, could not be laid any responsibility in the disappearance of their daughter…

Also not true. What the prosecutor said on the archiving dispatch was that the non-involvement of the parents in any illegal action “seems to result” - it does not say “results”[imperative], he said “appears to result” – from a set of elements on which he issued an opinion. An opinion that is valid for the process, but that does not establish an absolute truth that limits the public discussion. We are no longer in the Middle Ages. more Joana Morais.

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