Saturday, 20 February 2010

Any Thoughts?

I am, or I was before I put these two graphics together, working on other graphics for a blog post.

I have to be honest about it, bitch as I have in the recent past about how time consuming the McCann Gallery was, it was other things besides the hours.

It was far better suited to my psyche, and again I have to be honest, these fuckers wind me up to a degree that; well let's not go there shall we, because it's far from pleasant, it's dark in fact.

Consequently the stress level, even though it was of my own making, was much lower, satisfaction? similar I guess, but satisfaction is not what it's really all about, it never has been, it's about putting a halt to the damage that this pair and their agents are doing to the fabric of this country.

Justice for Madeleine McCann, conviction and a lengthy period of incarceration, proportionate to their crimes and stopping the rot have fused inextricably to become a homogeneous entity in its own right, a Cause a Crusade call it what you will, but whatever we call it, it is imperative that we serve it to the best of our ability and in the most affective way possible.

There is much at stake here, Madeleine McCann has become for me, as she did so long ago for her parents, quite incidental.

Incidental to the parents as the little girl she was, incidental in most every way, but not incidental as a little earner, not incidental as the cash cow she has become, not incidental as the McCanns have defiled everything about the girl, defiled her memory, defiled her image, defiled her body, defiled everything about the pitiful little thing, defiled even her short tragic life on this earth.

What truly abominable creatures they are, Madeleine McCann, pimped by her own parents to become the most famous little whore in the world.

And well it would do us all to remember, to remember well all the others that wallow and wade through their own disgusting slime in their eagerness to feast at the Madeleine McCann money trough, you know well who they are, as do I, as do half the world, how could we forget?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This post has turned into something unintended, and no harm for that.

Originally it was to reach out for your thoughts on which direction that I might take regarding what I do here.

Having just written what I have, or should I say having been a party to what appears on the page, for it seems the thing has written itself, however it got there it has brought me to a decision.

Of the day to day goings on I shall write no more, I will resurrect the McCann Gallery and if I choose to write it will be as opinion pieces only.

Thank you all for your interest and support.

These two are somewhat academic now, but never mind.