Friday, 19 February 2010

Yes Kate, Questions Do Need To Be Answered But Not By Murat

It was my chat with Ironside earlier this evening that prompted me to go in search of this old post. The subject of that chat being Kate McCann's sordid efforts to try and sell Robert Murat up the river, and how it became a defining moment on how I approached this case.

Ironically the post just so happens to mention: witnesses claim to have seen Mr Murat near the McCanns' holiday apartment on the night of May 3.

This is a re-up from Only in America, and judging by the date, New Years Day 08 of all days, and judging by the intro, I was treating this case like it had leprosy and it was the last thing I wanted to blog about. Oh how I wish.
But that said, the post has a graphic of Murat, so I don't know what to make of the dates, and frankly I'm past caring tonight.

eta: Having given it a little thought, it would appear that I was being drawn into this story albeit reluctantly. Is there any wonder?

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Yes Kate, Questions Do Need To Be Answered But Not By Murat

I normally avoid writing on this story like I would avoid the plague, but when I read the likes of this from Kate I left my kids alone every night so I could go on the piss McCann it kind of stirs me.

This below was not part of the original post, but obviously an early attempt and equally obvious, cobbled together while in the early stages of my learning curve.

You have some nerve woman, you and your sneering arrogant little prick of a husband, if questions need to be answered I suggest you and your poxy husband show an example and lead the way.

And a pox on the Daily Mail for it's incessant writing of such trash, and not least the photo it runs with today's story, Katiepoos sat there looking all so sweet and innocent, what a bloody croc.

You are a scumbag, you and your husband both.

Kate McCann: My suspicions over Murat's alibi on the night Madeleine vanished

Kate McCann is suspicious about Robert Murat's alibi for the night her daughter Madeleine vanished, it was revealed yesterday.

The mother of three has confided to friends she believes there are questions about the British expat that need to be answered.

Mrs McCann's doubts emerged after the Daily Mail reported that seven witnesses claim to have seen Mr Murat near the McCanns' holiday apartment on the night of May 3.

He has always insisted he was at home all night at the villa he shares with his elderly mother in Praia da Luz, near the Mark Warner holiday complex. A friend of Kate and her husband Gerry said: "Kate has always felt there are questions concerning Murat and a body of evidence contrary to what he is saying.

"Gerry doesn't know whether he is involved but Kate has always been suspicious."

Mrs McCann, 39, has avoided publicly voicing suspicions about Mr Murat. more

Absolutely staggering.

How times do change, my first McCann related post.

Is This Turning Into a Circus?

Whereas I have every sympathy for the parents and share the public's concern for the safety of Madeleine McCann, I cannot help but wonder about certain aspects and motives in this ongoing tragedy.
And now the parents are flying off for an audience with the Pope.
The couple are expected to head for Italy on Tuesday on a private plane provided by a well-wisher before their meeting with Pope Benedict XVI .

And my second.

Arab News:The Brits The Tabloids The McCanns
In truth I only started to take an interest in this story after the McCanns were declared arguidos. (suspects)

I have in the past posted a couple of articles on the subject only to find the blog has been inundated with visitors following this particular story, it's very similar to the current cause celebre Dog Chapman. If a blogger wants thousands of hits then all they have to do is run with a sensational headline, but that's not what it's really about, well not for me.

All that said I'm running with this article from the Arab News and I do have to admit they ain't a million miles away.
Incidentally I have a daily read of the comments section of the the "Madeleine" post at the Anorak because without a doubt there is something very very moody about this story, not least the behaviour of the the McCanns.

This is of course a phenomenon that is sweeping the globe but it is especially highly developed in Britain, a postindustrial country that has for some years boasted more actors than it does coal miners. It is perhaps no accident that the most successful British leader of recent times, the former Prime Minister Tony Blair, is a virtuoso performer, less a real politician than a showman with a special talent for impersonating a politician.

It might be uncharitably suggested that the McCanns, dining out in Portugal every night with their friends, were more concerned with playing the part of parents than with actually looking after their children, and that in this sense they are indeed the authors of their own misfortune.more
Portuguese news source in English.
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