Sunday, 7 February 2010

A Reconstruction? After All The Lies We've Told! Don't Be Silly

And just how many of the other shabby crew are liars? whatever takes your fancy.

But there is one factor in this case that has always been one hundred percent, too many details, always too many details.

Read or watch anything about this pair and it's always too many details.

As with all McCann videos, unless I am forced, I never watch them, they give me blood pressure and I don't have blood pressure, the best for instance I can give you is the mockumentry.

I suffered the parts I had to when I took apart the street scene but I did watch our mother of the year going through all the details of door angles, draughts and curtains, oh and lets not forget the poor light, light that seems to be only Kate specific.

Apart from too many details being a dead give away, body language wise, they tend to trip you up, as I and many others have written about in the past, but today it is John Blacksmith that parses the details and lies of that fateful night.

I don't know what ails Blacksmith of late, weather he thinks he's driving a new car or suffering insomnia, but he's upped his output a gear, how bad, drive on.

....So in that five minutes everything has happened. Gerry has made the two minute walk to his apartment, checked the children and closed the patio doors behind him, leaving the front shutters and window also safely closed. While he is descending the patio steps to the street gate to encounter Wilkins a few yards away, a matter of forty or fifty seconds at most, an intruder has appeared at the front of the building, broken in, gained access to the bedroom, removed the child, climbed out of the window, lowered the shutters partially behind him, walked up the ramp outside the apartment into the street – and appeared, snap, as Jane Tanner passes the talking pair and spots him.

It can’t be done. There simply isn’t enough time, as the Portuguese investigators knew and were intent on proving, eventually, by a reconstruction of the supposed movements of the nine. The defence lawyers, having looked at the information themselves, agreed and told Gerry so. Perhaps, they suggested, Mr McCann should give the matter more thought. more Decisions, decisions

And let us not forget Gerry McCann's pals shall we?