Monday, 1 February 2010

Yet Nobody Says a Word

I started to tuck this on the end of the post below, but that would have been unworthy of the thing, both of the sentiment as a whole, and of this line particularly.

As a society, we need to know how that occurred.

We certainly do, as individuals, and as a society.

Yet nobody says a word.

It doesn't matter what the parents think.

Nine adults tell us that a child disappeared, into thin air, whilst in their care.

As a society, we need to know how that occurred. In detail.

Audited detail, as opposed to unaudited.

That includes all of those who participated in the "system of vigilence", especially those who claim that the 3rd of May was the the very first time that they had "checked".

Their word is not enough.

As with any real Audit, checkable, verifiable, evidence is required, as PROOF.

h/t MiceAnMen, composer.

I just have to add a bit here.

The man's daughter goes missing under extremely dodgy circumstances, he, his wife and and his holiday companions lie about those circumstances from the very beginning.

His apartment, his wife, and his car stink of dead bodies, he will not go back to Portugal for a re-enactment because it will show the abduction and for what it is, a fabrication and a tissue of lies.

Add to that the obfuscation, the inconsistencies and all the doubts that have been voiced, add to that, behaviour so repugnant, so vile and so unacceptable that I shudder and cringe at its mention, add all that lot together, and what have you got?

But before we make the addition, pray pardon, for there are things other to be added to the column.

His daughter goes missing, and what does the father do? he trademarks his daughter, he trademarks his daughter and turns her into a shop.
And please I beg, allow yourself a minute or two to take in the true reality of this act, never seen before in all the annals of history and unlikely to ever be witnessed again.

And what is the sum total of all this?

Well it's this, it is a country that chooses to ignore such obvious details, details equally noxious and unacceptable as they are obvious.

It is a country that by comparison would make the likes of Las Vegas, seem cultured, dignified and tasteful.

It is a country where the unacceptable has become the acceptable, a country in which the suspect hides behind a man, a man who's job description is but a euphemism for liar. A liar I might add, provided by the Government.

A country in which the Media have found a new level, moving from gutter to sewer in their fawning rush to whitewash the guilty, in a manner I might add, so distasteful that I am shamed.
The same Media that by compare would make Pravda seem like a shinning beacon of truth and light on the darkest of nights.
A Media who's crass display of xenophobia towards Portugal and all things Portuguese, would again by compare, make Das Reich read like The Socialist.

The column adds up to many things, but far from least, it adds up to a country that has allowed this man to become a Celebrity, nae, not just allowed, but actively aided and abetted him.

And nobody says a word, and I despair.