Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Call Me Stu. Thank You No

Hello Kiddywinks, having lost to cyberspace the fruits of yesterdays toil, my only offering today is this one clip and a few observations.

Originally intended to be part of a much larger post (you might bear that in mind) at the plod blog, which it may yet still, this is my offering for today, and includes an appeal at the end I might add.

I have upped this four minute lie-fest for reasons more than one, although just to listen to all the lies and bullshit spewing out of your boy is reason enough.

But it was something said at the twenty second mark that made featuring this clip a must.
This clip I have to dedicate to one of Leicester's finest, Stuart call me Stu Stuart Prior

So what was said that prompted me to do so: "Right from day one after Madeleine was taken" said our father of the year, and your boy, we mustn't loose focus on that little fact.

"after Madeleine was taken" That rang a bit of a bell, by gum it did, Stuy's emails to Ricardo Pava! that was the reason for the familiarity

From: Stuart Prior
To: Ricardo Paiva

.......We have not spoken with Jane at all and will not share our e fits with anybody except yourselves unless you request this from us. It appears there were at least three charity collectors if not more in the area in the weeks prior to Madeleine being taken. more Leicester Plod's New Year Message

Now ain't that something, prior to Madeleine being taken, you would be forgiven for thinking if this was the opinion of a wet behind the ears probationary woodentop, not knowing any better than to repeat the manta of the parents, notwithstanding the parents being the last persons to see the girl alive, and incredibly, still Arguidos, still suspects, still in the frame, yes you might be forgiven for thinking that.

But it didn't come from a probationary woodentop, it came from no less than a Detective Superintendent, Detective Superintendent, call me Stu, Stuart Prior.

Perhaps it's me that's at fault, perhaps I shouldn't expect that others in pursuit of their careers, apply my level of integrity, or my degree of professionalism, that I once employed in the pursuit of my career.

Perhaps that's what it is, and perhaps it's not, perhaps it's just what it appears to be, a fucking scandal.

Moving on, another minute of yet more unconvincing drivel brings us to this:

"We did wish for a reconstruction to be done very early on, as would be the norm... ...and we were prepared to come and participate in the reconstruction, in fact we would have been obliged to come back as Arguidos and participate - and it wasn't our decision not to do it, although I have to say I don't think it would have helped very much in the search for Madeleine."

I don't have to parse this paragraph do I? other than to say that if this thing ever gets to court, and by that I mean what we are all working towards, not this ill judged bluff by the mCanns.
If then it does see the inside of a courtroom, Gerry McCann will have the tapas lot under the bus as fast as his wee arms can throw them.

And from what we have seen of his unenviable character, if he's going to go down, so are all the rest. A fact I'm sure, of which the tapas are far from unaware, so for the time being we may take at least some degree of comfort in their undoubted discomfort.

And we must never forget, that this obscenity has only been allowed to grow to become the grotesque thing that it has, due to, and only due to the silence of the Seven. And that in itself is far more unforgivable than the actions taken by the perps in their quest for self preservation.

And then it just carries on with the same old lies, the same shameless use of his daughters name, and when Q&A session started, I stopped, enough is enough.

But there is one thing I would so dearly like to know, the name of the loathsome English jouno, who, while on his knees asks of McCann the most nauseating softball questions while simultaneously trying to stuff as much McCann cock in his greedy mouth as is imaginable.

Is anyone in a position to find out the name of this odious sycophant? he is present on videos from outside the courthouse, not this alone. I shall have a look for a link, for it's not the first time I have asked the question.

Toady gets in a couple questions and tries for a third in this brief clip, sick bags at the ready. Who is he?