Tuesday, 16 February 2010

A Rainbow takes the glitter off the McCann's pot of gold

Just a taste, and a tip of the hat.

Madeleine McCann: A Rainbow takes the glitter off the McCann's pot of gold

Nor did the tasteless "star-studded" party that to all appearances was meant just as much as a show of defiance as to raise money for the quickly established fund, go quite as you planned. A photograph in the Daily Mail, gives an indication of how it went - and how those who dedicate themselves to missing children feel about you Gerry. You know the photograph I am referring to, the one where you "say" "I'm Gerry McCann - you can't touch me" in an angry, fist-clenching show of defiance.

As for the injunction hearing in Portugal, you must have felt pretty pleased at how the January session went. You knew that the British press, eager as always to play the race card, would come to your rescue as they have since May 2007, by blaming everything on, "vile" Johnny Foreigners and their "evil lies".

Not quite so easy to do that with Lee Rainbow though is it Gerry?

Lee Rainbow, the internationally respected profiler for the crack British police agency - the NPIA, recommended that the Portuguese police investigate you and your wife because of contradictions in a statement made by yourself. He also suggested Madeleine's brother and sister should have been interviewed about her disappearance. Would you have given permission for the twins to be interviewed? Or would you have refused - as you refused a urine sample from the twins who slept soundly during an abduction, followed by a room full of people running around shouting?

For someone who claims the only thing that matters is finding the little girl you left unprotected, refusing to cooperate with Portuguese police on several occasions, as well as dismissing British Family Liaison officers who you later went on to berate, (while ignoring the makeup of your audience) and relying on investigators of dubious character and ability, seems a funny way of going about it if you don't mind me saying so.

Oh but you will mind me saying so wont you - you mind anyone saying anything that is not pre-approved by Team McCann or Carter-Ruck. Would you like to know how I feel about Carter-Ruck's attempts to silence everyone who speaks out against you - or have you managed to figure that one out already? With a little help from your friends perhaps - as you do with so many things.

Serial litigation however, is not the only tool in the armory of the McCann Defense Force. When in trouble the British Establishment have always relied on that good old standby - try to discredit the enemy old chap. It suits the British Establishment perfectly as it requires little in the way of courage or moral fiber.

There have been systemized campaigns to discredit Amaral; the highly insured sniffer dogs; DNA evidence - in fact anyone and anything that spoils the McCann party - in much the same way as those who sought justice for the victims of the Jersey care home scandal were viciously attacked in the media and by uniformed Establishment lackies. more i On Global Trends