Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Clarence Mitchell I Know What Your Vital Leads Consist Of

I thought this might be opportune to re-up an old post, particularly in light of the the tripe that the sewer rats of the UK press are printing on behalf of the idiot Mitchell.

And just a quick question for all the Editors of our noble press.

How do you go home and look your wife and kids in the eye, when they ask of your day, what do you say to them?

"Today as every other day, I fulfilled my role as Clarence Mitchell's lackey."

And that is exactly what you are, Mitchell's lackey, Mitchell's creature, a creature's creature.

What an unenviable station in life, how low, how base, how disgusting.

The piece in question is at the end, these are Mitchell's "Vital Leads" or however they are described, this is the drivel that he spouts, this is the drivel that the lickspittles and the toadies print in their arsewipes as they rush to do the bidding of what has to be the most reptilian excuse for a man to ever disgrace this country.

~ ~ ~

On the eve of Clarence Mitchell's address to the Oxford Student's Union I thought I might bring you this timely reminder of his and the McCann's determination to leave no stone unturned in their search for the missing five year old Madeleine McCann.

Madeleine was three years old when she was abducted from an unlocked rented apartment in the quiet Portuguese resort of Praia Da Luz while her parents dined at a restaurant a short distance away.

Mister McCann reiterated his belief that Madeleine was still alive,
"Reassuringly, we know there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Madeleine has been seriously harmed." said Mister McCann in a recent interview.

In a previous interview Mrs McCann said, "Somebody has committed a heinous crime."

In a recent newspaper interview with the Independent in an article humbly entitled:
'I am a decent human being. If I can help them, I will' (link) Clarence Mitchell said about the Private Detectives employed by the McCanns in their quest for leaving no stone unturned:
"The detective agencies they hired are no longer on the case." and when further queeried as to the status quo Mitchell had this to say:
"I can't go into details, because the investigators don't wish me to." but did go on to confirm that there was still a relevant search going on albeit on a smaller scale.

Mister Mitchell did however give an insight into the daunting task faced by investigators.

There is still a huge amount of material to work through: such as more than 3,000 "psychic tip-offs. Any verifiable fact in them – and some are very detailed – has to be checked". said Mitchell.

Psychics, fucking psychics, I ask you.