Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Lorraine Kelly. Cnut Shill and McCann Whore

McCann whore extraordinaire and writer of drivel indescribable.

You're no shagging Gerry are ye? my little nominee for Cunt of The Year. And I must add, despite February not yet out, firm favourite by twenty lengths.

I leave this for your amazement, among other reactions no doubt.

Will nightmare never end for Maddie’s mum and dad?

Fresh pain is piled on the McCanns with the news that police in Portugal ignored “hundreds” of potential sightings of their missing daughter Madeleine because they believed she was dead.

The information, including photographs sent to the police by members of the public showing little girls they thought could have been Maddie, were never shown to her parents.

Instead, these tip-offs were put into a dossier marked “not relevant to the investigation” and filed away.

This entire case has been an utter disaster from the minute Kate and Gerry discovered their little girl had gone missing in Praia de Luz in May 2007.

The disapproval by the police of the fact the McCanns had left their three children alone in the apartment while they had dinner with friends seemed to colour their judgement.

The McCanns were dubbed bad parents and vilified.

No-one knows better than they do how stupid it was to leave the children alone. It was a horrible mistake and one the McCanns have to live with every single day.

I would never have done it with my own child, but that doesn’t mean this poor family deserved to have their daughter snatched or to be treated as murder suspects.

All they wanted was for the authorities in Portugal to pull out all the stops to find their child.


Instead, to their utter dismay, they’ve been torn apart by those they trusted to find little Madeleine.

So much so, they’re going through the ordeal of a court case in Lisbon to try to stop any more scurrilous and money-spinning books being written.

If the police hadn’t closed their minds to any other possibility other than this little girl was dead, she may very well have been found safe and well by now.

We will never know.

Can you imagine what that’s like for her tortured mum and dad?

They’ve endured almost three years of living in a nightmare with no sign of ever waking up. Sunday Post

Footnote: This is one rare piece of writing I must declare. Under normal circumstances, I might be able to muster the fortitude to read this but the once, yet for reasons I'm still trying to fathom, I keep getting drawn back to read the thing over and over again.

Could it be that my brain is incapable of accepting what my eyes ask of it?

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