Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Cards On The Table

It would appear some of my recent posts are not to everybody's liking, not PC enough, nasty language and all that.

To my detractors I say this:

No matter what I produce, no matter what I say, no matter how I say it; it is nothing but nothing compared to what these two creatures have pulled, it is nothing compared to the people they have used and it is nothing compared to the people they are trying to destroy.

When I think what Goncalo Amaral has gone through, and continues to go through, it is not but scandalous, it is heinous.

He has effectively lost his job, his career is over after I don't know how many years. He finds himself in court on trumped up charges, and astonishingly convicted of them, but that part is a Portuguese matter.

But what is not a Portuguese matter is the way this country has behaved towards the man, a man who's only crime was to be a copper, do his job and try to find out what happened to Madeleine McCann.

And a crime it must be, for I can see no other reason why this Government should collude with the Portuguese in seeking his removal from the investigation.

A crime it must be, for I can see no other reasons that the man and his good name have been sullied and dragged through the mud and portrayed as everything from incompetent to lazy to smelly sweaty sardine muncher.

And who is it that presumes to sit in judgement on the man and write such xenophobic vitriolic trash? none other than those champions of morals, seekers of truth, the UK press.

A press more interested in reporting, and falsely, Goncalo Amaral's luncheon habits than it is of finding out just what happened to "Our Maddie."

A press that had it given over just a fraction of its attention and one tenth of its column inches to inquire into all the glaring contradictions in this case, had it done that, then things might, as we stand today, look a whole lot different.

A press so obviously biased, so derelict in its duties and so utterly vile in its manner of reporting that it is the shame of this Nation.

And it is as a Nation that we should get down on our knees in shame and beg the forgiveness of Goncalo Amaral.

But our treatment of Amaral is but a nothing compared to that of Madeleine McCann by her own parents.

Just when I think this sordid pair cannot go any lower, they never fail to surprise me by plumbing new depths in their equally sordid and undignified use of their own daughter.

A daughter I might add, for who's death the are responsible, as equally as they are responsible for hiding her body, but they are unequalled, they are unparalleled as parents in their grotesque and obscene manner in which they have used of their daughter's name, image and memory, as they hatch and move from one vile plot to the next in an effort to cover their crimes.

This is where I stand, this is how I will be counted, I will write what I want in any manner I want, and I say to my detractors go and fuck yourselves, don't visit here, go to fucking devil, and take your PC with you.