Saturday, 13 February 2010

Hollie Greig: Scotland 2010 or Berlin 1937?

From what I have been reading I'm having trouble deciding which of the two might be more fitting, and before moving on it would be remiss if I didn't include West Mercia Police in what is looking alarmingly like a contemporary edition of, first they came for the Jews.

It was actions of the West Mercia Police that finally galvanised me into saying a few words. By no means do I think this story unworthy of all the attention it can get and it is only that hours in a day seem to be so precious few, that makes me reluctant to get involved.

But of what I have read, which isn't a great deal I admit, but it was this below, above all the horrific allegations of systematic child abuse and above the no lesser charges of a cover-up on a scale that defies the imagination, it was this below that made me sit up and pay attention.

At work in the murky twilight that shrouds and envelopes the case, are forces, forces sufficiently dark, that seemingly, with an ease that should give concern to us all, can conjure up equally dark forces in any part of this country that it so desires.

Those dark forces that have been summoned at the behest of others, appear to be in the guise of the West Mercia Police Force.

Briefly then, the latest events in the case of Downs Syndrome girl, Hollie Greig, who's claim and complaint the the Grampian Police that she was systematically abused by an Aberdeen paedophile ring, has, shall we say, been somewhat unwelcome.

Robert Green, who is campaigning on behalf of Hollie and her mother, and who was planning to stand as a candidate for election to the Scottish Parliament solely on a platform of "Justice for Hollie, was arrested Friday morning (12/02/10) by Grampian Police.

The reason and circumstances for his arrest seem somewhat unclear, although at the time of writing a "breach of the peace" is mentioned, that if nothing else should set alarm bells ringing.

What is not unclear however are the actions of West Mercia police, and if this is what it appears to be, be afraid, be very very afraid.

A section of email from Scots Against Injustice to to Chief Constable Colin McKerracher, Grampian Police.

Furthermore, it has come to our attention this evening that your Inspector Dowell sent police officers from West Mercia Police round to Anne Greig's home in Shropshire (c.9pm) to pass on the message that Robert Green had indeed been arrested and you were currently holding him in your custody. Why did Inspector Dowell not just phone Anne Greig directly to inform her of this and is this your standard procedure? That smacks of police intimidation of a defenceless lady and her disabled child.

We hope to hear from you in early course about today's most bewildering sequence of events and the very bogus charge of "a breach of the peace" brought by your constabulary against Robert Green - before he even had the opportunity to stand outside Marks & Spencers on Union Street and distribute his Prospective Parliamentary Candidate leaflets to the wider Aberdeen public.

It is as much as I can do, only in order that I can post this in reasonable time, is to lay various links before you and from there you must make your own way.

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