Sunday, 7 February 2010

Two Ways of Looking at Things. How Bad does Journalism Get and Who The Hell is June?

Perhaps I should add, and who the hell wrote this shite?

I know this is an oldy, only one month after the staged abduction in fact, but it shows us just how quick the whitewashing fix was in, and if nothing else it shows just how bad, and I use the word with extreme caution, journalism can be.

Published: 01 Jun 2007

THIS exclusive picture shows just how close Maddie McCann’s family were to their sleeping daughter when she was snatched.

It was taken from the balcony of their holiday apartment ? and shows the tapas bar where her parents were eating with friends on that fateful night.

The diner is just past the pool and only 50 yards (if gifted with flight) from their two-bedroom apartment. Kate and Gerry McCann, both 38, popped (How nice, just popping.) back from the restaurant to make regular checks on Maddie and their twins Sean and Amelie, two.

The picture was taken by June Hughes, 52, who stayed in the apartment days before the McCann family began their ill-fated holiday in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz. (Now we are going to find out who June is.)

June said: “The parents would have been able to see the walls of the apartment from the bar. It isn’t far. But they wouldn’t have seen the doors or windows as they are in a recess.”

One theory in Maddie’s kidnap is that the abductor forced back a plastic screen on a back bedroom window to get into the flat. (A plastic screen? really! and who's theory is that?)

And chillingly, June revealed a bedroom shutter on a front window at the apartment was broken when they arrived. (Chillingly! well it must have been why else would the sentence be in italics if it wasn't chilling? never underestimate the power of italics, I'm telling you.)

It was fixed within 20 minutes of their arrival ? but she always felt “vulnerable” in the apartment, on the end of the block. (Fixed within twenty minutes, well that's OK then, no? you still felt "vulnerable," por que? never mind, let's move on.)

June, from Glasgow, (like whatshisface?) and her partner checked into the apartment at the Mark Warner complex on April 14. She said: “It seemed very isolated and we felt vulnerable. It’s one of the first things we noticed. We thought we could get broken into. (Isolated vulnerable and the possibility of a break-in, I assume you made your fears known to somebody?)

“The apartment seemed almost back to front. The main door is at the rear. It was strange and we felt a bit out on a limb at the end of the building.” (Don't you be worrying about it June, there are more than a few things back to front when it comes to this apartment.)

The one-windowed room where Maddie slept is normally furnished with two single beds.

But the McCanns had added cots for their twins to sleep in during their stay.

June also revealed she has been trawling through holiday snaps for clues to Maddie’s kidnap. (Well did you really? how public spirited of you.)

She added: “We’ve checked to see if there was anybody suspicious in the background in our pictures, but we’ve had no joy. (Yes got to check those backgrounds for dodgy looking sardine munchers, but you didn't have any joy? that's a bit of a shame. Never mind, at least somebody looked at your photographs which is a lot more than the PJ did with those sent to the CEOP.)

“We never saw anybody hanging about the apartment. (How disappointing for you.)

“But there were a few times when we came home and our garden gate was open." (You called the police then, surely, you must have done if the gate was open in italics.)

“We did wonder who would have done that at the time.” (Oh you wondered, I see.)

June also blasted Portuguese police ? who have been under increasing criticism since the kidnap 29 days ago. (Blasted the police! why so?)

She said: “We’re surprised they haven’t contacted us as part of their inquiry. We stayed in the same apartment as the McCanns and we opened and closed those shutters, so our fingerprints must be all over the place. (They didn't contact you! how unforgivable, and you so desperate for your fifteen minutes of fame, still never mind Ducks, you're getting it now, and in the Sun no less, what more could a person ask for?)

“Surely the Portuguese police should have followed that up.” (Of course they should, how very unprofessional of them, how cruel and callous, will you ever get over being denied?

And on it goes with more shite, but I can't be arsed.