Friday, 19 February 2010

The Twenty First Century The McCanns and the Portuguese Legal System

Given that we are now at present living in the first decade of the Twenty First Century, and it is not unfair to say that we have arrived at a reasonable level of intelligence and sophistication as a species.

Given this and given all of that which surrounds this case, of the incessant mantra uttered by the last people to see the girl alive, to all the other indicators that point to the McCanns involvement in both the death of their daughter and the concealment of here body.

Given these things, could someone please tell me, for pities sakes do, how this oft uttered and oft quoted drivel:

"There is absolutely no evidence that Madeleine is dead and there is absolutely no evidence that we were involved in her disappearance,"

Accompanied by the equally overplayed and worn out:

"If people believe she's dead they won't look for her."

Could someone tell me please, how this infantile drivel, is not only re-printed ad nauseum in the press, when in reality it should be laughed off the pages with all the scorn and derision worthy of it, but more than an answer to this question, an answer to the next would be of profound interest to me?

How on earth do these two trite and utterly ridiculous mantras become the basis for an injunction, and one that is upheld, in a Portuguese court of law?