Friday, 12 February 2010

McCanns Observed

I shall re-up this short clip, given now that I have had it explained to me.

I suppose I must have had my normal reaction when faced with this fellow on camera, and blanked it, whether that was consciously or subconsciously, I don't know, it matters not a bit.

This is how it was told to me by TTW4.

Gerald McCann - Just a Man

Sandra Felgueiras of RTP, the Portuguese TV station, is perhaps the McCanns complete nemesis of a news reporter. Sandra is a nightmare with a mouth as it is Sandra that can always be relied upon to be at these events, and it is to Sandra we must look for some straight questioning of the McCanns and their versions of the truth.

Sandra was the only reporter to ask Gerry McCann any questions. Another demonstration, in case it were really needed, of the hold the McCanns still exert over the media industry, not only in the UK but across the globe.

The frames shown here were grabbed from Sandras one question. They read from left to right with the final shot placed in the centre.

Gerry McCann still talking as he is questioned by Sandra. Sandra starts to ask her question and Gerry McCann immediately closes his eyes. This isn't a blink, this event lasted for a full half second.

Sandra continues and Gerry McCann now opens his eyes to take a long hard look at Sandra.....more, but don't dash off just yet.

Also in the telling, were details pertaining to the action brought by the McCanns against TVI, again entirely novel to me.

But this is a different post, recounting the events of yesterday in a blow by blow style of reporting, that was both interesting and easy to read.

This just a small piece taken from on of the many varying themes as the day and the article progressed.

McCann's Final Day in Court.

The McCanns argument appears to be based on the right of the TV station to simply discuss Amarals findings after the date of the McCanns injunction. Amarals views were aired prior to the injunction and then the station discussed and debated the consequences of Amarals version of events. It is this right to discuss and broadcast public debate that the McCanns are now contesting.

The McCanns are trying to gag the broadcaster for talking about something it had done when there was no civil or criminal restriction placed upon its actions. This is rather like a burglar being convicted of his crime and going to prison. Once there he has been overheard in his cell talking about the crime he has committed. As a consequence of being overheard discussing his daring deed the burglar is then dragged in front of another beak and given yet another sentence for simply talking about the first offence. TVI have not committed any criminal act and have not shown themselves to have acted in contravention of the McCanns gagging order. What possible grounds can the McCanns have for claiming TVI have acted in a criminal manner. On the face of the information available there does not appear to be a case to proceed with. more

Are we at last going to see a shift in the balance of things?

eta: Reflection on the same day in this fine article from Anna Andress. From My Big Desk