Monday, 8 February 2010

The Mocking of Madeleine McCann

And the rest of us, but none more so than those that gave up time and work to participate in the McCann's wild goose chase. Included in this rare bit of footage, a few seconds of the Portuguese bikers making their own contribution.

Rare footage of the heartbroken parents leaving the church in Priai da Luz on what would have been Madeleine's forth birthday.


Well ,the desperation felt by Madeleine's family tonight probably best summed up by her father. Instead he said of celebrating Madeleine's fourth birthday, he was having to remember moments of his funny vivacious little girl.

On this, Madeleine's birthday, on another dreadful day for the people she was taken from. Her mum and Dad spent the evening in Church. Gary McCann (Yes Gary) told the congregation that their support was giving him and his wife the strength to believe that Madeleine would be found safe and well. Earlier today, there was a message for the wider world.


Kate and Gerry McCann have asked me to read out the following on their behalf this morning.

Today, is our daughter Madeleine's fourth birthday. We would like to mark it by asking people , to re double their efforts to help find her. It is this that keeps us strong and gives us hope. On Madeleine's birthday please keep looking,please keep praying. Please help bring Madeleine home.


Meanwhile, the resort she vanished from has been redecorated with yellow ribbons on railings and on wrists, there everywhere. if only Madeleine could be found by hope alone.


The children have been very,very distressed. They talk about her all the time. Every morning they wake up and ask if she has been found.


So, on this Madeleine's birthday you wonder whether or not this has been the worst day so far for her parents. But once again, today, we've seen them displaying extraordinary amounts of courage and hope.

Thanks to Ironside for the transcript.

Mockery aye, but let us remember what Shakespeare had to say about those that mock.

We are glad the Dauphin is so pleasant with us;
His present and your pains we thank you for:
When we have march'd our rackets to these balls,
We will, in France, by God's grace, play a set
Shall strike his father's crown into the hazard.
Tell him he hath made a match with such a wrangler
That all the courts of France will be disturb'd
With chaces. And we understand him well,
How he comes o'er us with our wilder days,
Not measuring what use we made of them.
We never valued this poor seat of England;
And therefore, living hence, did give ourself
To barbarous licence; as 'tis ever common
That men are merriest when they are from home.
But tell the Dauphin I will keep my state,
Be like a king and show my sail of greatness
When I do rouse me in my throne of France:
For that I have laid by my majesty
And plodded like a man for working-days,
But I will rise there with so full a glory
That I will dazzle all the eyes of France,
Yea, strike the Dauphin blind to look on us.
And tell the pleasant prince this mock of his
Hath turn'd his balls to gun-stones; and his soul
Shall stand sore charged for the wasteful vengeance
That shall fly with them: for many a thousand widows
Shall this his mock mock out of their dear husbands;
Mock mothers from their sons, mock castles down;
And some are yet ungotten and unborn
That shall have cause to curse the Dauphin's scorn.
But this lies all within the will of God,
To whom I do appeal; and in whose name
Tell you the Dauphin I am coming on,
To venge me as I may and to put forth
My rightful hand in a well-hallow'd cause.
So get you hence in peace; and tell the Dauphin
His jest will savour but of shallow wit,
When thousands weep more than did laugh at it.
Convey them with safe conduct. Fare you well.

Henry V scene II

h/t Ironside