Saturday, 13 February 2010

Deformation Cu? I don't know about that but he's not getting a donut

.I wouldn't say my old man was the best father a boy could have, but nevertheless he did have certain qualities. Work Ethic, though I use the term only because of my time spent in Ireland, and it was, as it happens, a term brought to my attention by my predominantly Catholic friends, for it was they that recognised and admired, must be said, the Protestant Work Ethic.

He was possessed of that all right, but he was among other things, possessed of honesty, possessed of common sense, which I like to think he passed on to me, what he undoubtedly passed on, was a thirst and a tolerance for grog that must have been the joy of many a distiller.

Alas, those wild days of yore are but memories and I am starting to digress, so returning to Pater's common sense, a Yorkshire common sense I must add, so with this honesty, combined with common sense and a certain outspokenness that was his wont, he delivered another of those "things my father taught me" kind of doodads, and proceeded to proclaim that his preference any day of the week, would be that for the thief and never for the liar, his reasoning, quite simply being, he could understand the motivations of the thief but never the liar.

Now this next little story may not fit the thief-liar scenario exactly, but it's near enough. You see I too tend to look at the world in a similar vane as that which my old man did, if for instance a copper is bent, as long as he is bent for the right reasons, though I may not like it, I do understand it.

But when we get a bent copper, and a senior one at that, when we get that bent senior copper misusing and abusing his power to fuck over the little man, who's only crime was to ask our bent copper for his wages, well I kind of take exception to this sort of behaviour, so much so in fact that had the judge sentenced this arsehole fourteen years instead of the four he did, I wouldn't have lost much sleep over it.

Ali Dizaei, Metropolitan police commander, jailed for four years

Scotland Yard commander who falsely arrested man is jailed for misconduct and attempting to pervert course of justice

The Metropolitan police commander Ali Dizaei was jailed for four years today after being convicted of falsely arresting a man and making up an account that he had been assaulted and threatened.

A jury at Southwark crown court today found the 47-year-old guilty of misconduct in public office and attempting to pervert the course of justice. Dizaei, a controversial and high-profile officer, faces being sacked from the force in disgrace............

.....The crown said Dizaei was involved in the "wholesale abuse" of his powers by bullying, threatening and intimidating a man in the culmination of a personal vendetta. He was charged with threatening and falsely arresting Waad al-Baghdadi, who said Dizaei had failed to pay him money owed for a website he designed for the officer.

The crown said that the £600 Dizaei allegedly failed to pay Baghdadi led to months of rising tension, which spilled over into verbal and physical clashes outside a west London restaurant in July 2008.

It's not a pretty tale by any means, but you can read and you can have a quite interesting listen to Dizaei's 999 call and the vic's, Waad al-Baghdadi's, 999 call made even more interesting because Dizaei busts Baghdadi while he's on the phone making his complaint. more here.