Thursday, 11 February 2010

You're At It Again Sunshine

He said: “What we would like is a panel to sit down and review the entire case – the evidence from all the different forces and all the evidence gathered by them.

“We would like anyone to do this – the best people available.

“It needs everyone to work together.”

And he wonders why people would like to kick him in the bollocks, and that's just the gals!

h/t Jo

I assume there will be a transcript for this short clip available as and when, but you can catch bollocks talking bollocks in the last few seconds.

I shall accept nominations for members of McCann's panel in the comments.

My blog so first bagsy to me, and just to show what a sterling fellow I am, I shall not, preferring as I do to leave that to another, choose our Stuart call me Stu of Leicester plod, but rather his ex boss, that fine upstanding man of faith, head of the Christian Police Association, McCann protector and conspirator, Matt, I'm a Christian, Baggott.