Sunday, 3 January 2010

Are You Sure, It Could Be Jesus?

I know I shouldn't, take the piss out of the afflicted that is, but stroll on! I'm only human, far from being an angel, and definitely not one in God's service, as it were.

Let's blame it on the devil, that's it, the Devil made do it! either that or this example so fits the title of my previous post that it just couldn't be ignored.

Wanting it doesn't make it so: I rest my case.

Madeline McCann - Photo's say a thousand words(AKA, in only the most technical of terms as, I've got my dick out for Robert Murat.)

I found these photos over at Joana Morais

I am amazed that these pictures alone have not secured an arrest warrant against Robert Murat and his friends.

That is if they are real?

Picture evidence linking Murat to people spying on Madeline and her family whilst they were on holiday in Portugal before she was abducted.

It would not have been hard for Robert Murat to have spotted theMcCann family holidaying in their complex near his home and then alerted his friends to the perfect crime so that they could then follow the family and take pictures of Madeline so as to offer her for sale to their buyers.

What a mistake though to be captured on camera!

I cannot get my head around this one, how blatant the facts are that are contained within the picture that is staring everyone in the face, yet no arrests?

Who within Portugal is protecting those within these photos?

shows Madeline, with her father and two siblings playing in the park, behind them is a bald man wearing glasses looking on and if you look close enough you can see someone looking through the play house at the family.

Picture 2 is a close up of the man spying through the play house.

Picture 3 shows the picture in question along with two other pictures containing what looks like the same man, accompanied with Portuguese police and Louis Antonio, Robert Murat's girlfriends ex husband.

Picture evidence of who committed this crime yet no arrest or charges?

If these pictures are true then only God could have orchestrated these events and provided such conclusive proof because He knew what was about to happen to the child that He had blessed, He is the Alpha and Omega after all.

All this evidence against Robert Murat yet he is still a free man, along with his elderly mother who is perverting the course of justice in this depraved crime against an innocent defenceless little child - is it not time to arrest them both and crack this case for the sake of the innocent little child Madeline McCann and her family?

Does Mother Murat want to spend the rest of her days on Earth locked up in a Portuguese hell hole for lying on behalf of her son?

We can accept a Mother lying to protect her son, it is human nature after all, but to go down with the sinking ship without speaking the truth deserves the person to drown with that ship.
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