Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Man's Best Friend, Well Not Every Man. Ain't that So Gerry

Some more from A. Miller and a pooch gallery. Until this afternoon I had never had all the pics featuring dogs in one folder, but now I do and I thought I would give them an airing.

For the most part in alphabetical order and I imagine some might be a tad ambiguous because there is no context.


I listened yesterday to BBC News re the tragic situation in Haiti. They said they will try and get a link, though communication is difficult, with British Fire Service Crews who are there assisting.

Earlier in the week, a chap from the Fire Service UK was on BBC Radio speaking in respect of the crews who were flying out there in fact he had said that the flight was leaving as he was speaking. He explained how fire officers are trained for such situations, and that some of the guy going out there had assisted in similar situations in the past.

He went on to speak about the Search and Rescue dogs which they would be taking with them as these animals were invaluable in such circumstances.
Dogs are trained to find many things, be it drugs, blood, cadaver, or in this instance the search and rescue dogs.

No matter what anyone's opinion in the Madeleine case re the dog’s accuracy, we cannot dismiss or discredit the value of these highly trained animals in any of the above situations. If they were of no value, none of our emergency services or rescue services would train and use them. They are used around the world.

The issue of the dogs is clearly a thorn in the flesh to the McCann's, more so to Gerry, who reacts like an angry ‘mutt’ whenever this subject is raised. Last week his response to reporters was a prime example. In a previous interview situation, he replied to another reporter, in response to a question re the dogs, by making the rude and ridiculous remark - 'Ask the dogs!'
Kate's blog was a further reminder, (referring readers to read up on the the Haute de La Garenne case in Jersey) of just how 'problematic' the dogs are to them.

She tells us that in the past that dogs have been problematic and unreliable. She also tells us that their findings are considered by the police to be 'intelligence' not evidence.

She further tells us that it is WRONG AND ABUSIVE to suggest using the dogs 'reactions/ alerts' as evidence.

Have they been used as 'evidence' or is it the case that they have been used as 'intelligence' only?

The latter I think!
Kate McCann has acknowledged the "intelligence" these dogs are able to provide.

By acknowledging the fact that the dogs alerted/reacted at apt 5a and other locations Kate has to accept that in the case of her missing daughter, the dogs therefore ‘found intelligence!

On one hand she acknowledges their ‘alerts,’ but on the other dismisses the “intelligence” of the dogs by stating that they are unreliable and problematic.

She may consider that ‘EVIDENCE’ is lacking, but the “INTELLIGENCE” is not!

To mislead anyone into thinking that the 'intelligence' in this case, is unreliable/problematic, would simply be WRONG AND ABUSIVE.
The dogs reacted/alerted, this is acknowledged. This is considered by police to be ‘intelligence’ as Kate to helpfully pointed, out to us, therefore cannot be dismissed!
It follows then that these dogs were not barking up the wrong tree!

Another thing for sure, they have rattled Gerry McCann they have got him barking and snapping at the heels of any reporter who mentions the 'D' word!

The speed of which Kate's (?) blog appeared in an attempt to dismiss the INTELLIGENCE and detract Gerry’s little 'dog drama' in Lisbon is quite telling!

I don't think he is an animal lover!

I do think one day the dogs will bite back!