Thursday, 28 January 2010

Having Propelled The Force To What!!!

The chair of Leicestershire Police Authority believes the challenges that face its new chief constable will require someone capable of being one of the top police officers in the country and he is determined to attract the best......

The police authority recently interviewed three applicants for the post but chose not to appoint any of them.......

Not godly enough, or not bent enough?

Mr Rhodes believes the force has been very fortunate to have had an outstanding chief constable in Matt Baggott; responsible for neighbourhood policing nationally, awarded a CBE and achieving promotion to one of the top jobs in policing as chief constable in Northern Ireland.

Having propelled the force to the top echelons of policing, the challenges for Mr Baggott’s successor remain exceptional. The force is still dealing with the fallout from the deaths of Fiona Pilkington and Francecca Hardwick with an ongoing IPCC investigation. The temporary chief constable and his team has weathered the resulting storm exceptionally well, but the new chief will be expected to implement any recommendations, move the force forward and rebuild the public’s confidence.more if you must, but it's only a circle jerk.