Saturday, 30 January 2010

The McCanns Make The Urban Dictionary. The GMC Must Feel So Proud

McCann 1

To act with lethal irresponsibility towards one's children
leaving three children alone (7yrs and 3 years each) [sic] in a holiday flat in portugual whilst you swan off to sample a meal - just from the point of view of the well known problems that these holiday flats have with gas / fire safety standards and the number of gassings that have happened this way - let alone the fact one of the children was taken you'd have to be doing a McCann right?

McCann 2

To make money and become a celebrity on the back of a tragedy. Using the newspapers for a purpose and then claiming to be hounded. To expose ones children/pet to dangers and then state that you are a good parent/owner. To blame everyone else for your errors for the purpose of 'damage limitation'.
Yeah they got cash coming in from everywhere and they still want more - they are pulling a 'McCann'

Jade Goody was crying on tv faking her sadness, she was trying to pull a 'McCann'

McCann 3

“To mccann” - is a new verb
” I mccanned my glasses” - means that I broke my expensive glasses by mistake, hid them and told everyone that my glasses were stolen from me, and now I suffer because I can’t see.
teacher:kitty!where's your homework?
kitty:i'd got pissed and mccann it! source

If I were a person that blogged about these things, I think I might be firing off an email or two.

Because let's face it, they are not fit to be Doctors, not at all.