Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Donal MacIntyre: So Bad It's Good or Just Plain Old Bad?

In the style of Mr A Miller, Mornin' all, this post is after all in response to something posed by our intrepid analyst.

I intended to address this little puzzler yesterday evening, but I was tres fatigued m'dahlin's.

Not that it's terribly important, and I'm not going to write an awful lot on the subject, but redirect you to that which I have already written.

It was this question, posed by our writer and marked by myself, that I meant to address.

When we add to the mix the story by MacIntyre (whether you believe he was serious or taking a dig at the McCann’s, the story is out there)** that the alleged abductor came and went, in and out of the apartment all week long before striking, then that does not encourage the public to come forward either. (It also lets the public see just how badly these children were neglected, that not only on the night Madeleine disappeared was there a mad man with these children, but on other evenings also the neglect was such that it allowed this.)

The public will think that the PI and the Reporter have it all ‘wrapped up’ that they must have got their evidence from somewhere to declare such a thing.

This question you see has popped up before, something so badly researched and so poorly argued that it makes a fellow wonder if indeed it is not entirely satirical.

So Bad It's Good was such an piece, and although I presented it as a questionable hypothesis for the sake of the article, it was anything but.

Then came along:
Donal MacIntyre, another wanker talking through his arse to further an agenda, what or who's I don't know, but rest assured it's not Madeleine McCanns or the pursuit of justice for that matter, and most definitely it is not one of decency.

Just what does this tosser think we have all been doing for the last two years if not picking over every word, every action and every nuance of this shabby bunch?
Yet this twat goes on a two week boondoggle to the Algarve and he has the whole thing sorted, the fuck he does........

Which I ran under the heading: Fuck All Sir, You Know Absolutely Fuck All

But after a period the "So bad it's good" theory started to creep in and undermine my convictions, so much so I wrote:

Do I Owe Donal MacIntyre an Apology?

For me to do so I have to credit the Express with a quality I have trouble associating them with; subtlety.

I'm far from convinced that I do, not given all the shameful tripe and sycophantic drivel they have published since they rolled over.

And in this climate of drivel how can I be convinced that the article, so poorly researched, so lacking in substance, and so ridiculous to anybody that has taken a moment or two to study the facts of the case, is not to be taken at face value?

Although the offending article could be construed as great satire, and if it were in fact satirical, I think it's a stretch for the Express to expect it's readers to differentiate between the tripe it normally publishes and this particular piece of nonsense.

And of course let us not forget the dots..... more

Of course I don't owe him an apology, but when we are presented with stuff, that by comparison makes a dime store novel read like Aristotle, then you cannot help but think the guy is taking the piss.

But then, no matter which way you look at it, that's just what he is doing; taking the piss.

Some interesting links in the articles, if not the articles themselves. Now where was I?