Friday, 8 January 2010

Thoughts For Today - The CEOP

I don't suppose you would have to gather them all into the one place, most are damning enough stood alone, sufficient in their own right; be it the Case Files, observed behaviour, the extraordinary mechanism of the McCann Machine of destruction, Straw Men that litter ground like blossom in may, the woefully inadequate press, statistics, and all the other elements that contribute in making this case just what it is, no that wouldn't be completely necessary.

Unnecessary perhaps, but not a difficult task nonetheless. Given then that these elements are so readily available, give then that these elements are no shrinking Violets, that they enjoy fame as equally as they enjoy infamy, given then these things.

That a UK Government organisation, one that is specifically charged with the protection of children, that this organisation should then invite Gerry McCann to speak at it's seminar, not but it is a scandal, not but it is a travesty, but that it is an outrage.