Tuesday, 19 January 2010

"They cannot have it both ways." Not for want of trying

Ms Miller takes a look at the McCann Money Machine

In the past the McCann's have been blasted for organising events, Fund Raisers/Awareness Campaigns whatever, many months in advance. One such time I believe Gerry said referring to one such event, that it would not be for the 1st Anniversary of Madeleine's disappearance but it was to be held close to.

The public blasted him for this, as how could he know that his daughter would still be missing many months ahead.

As we all know the McCann's do have monitors reading the blogs and many of the comments they make are in response to what bloggers have said.

I would imagine Kate's remark -'if our situation remains unchanged' was in response to the angry reaction of the public re their organised events, to 'cover her backside' so that this upcoming event did not create the same backlash.

I do not think that most of what they say or do comes from the heart. Initially they make some cold and unfeeling remark, when attention is brought to it, you can be sure that they will respond to it in their own unique way in a later blog, interview or whatever.

It is a bit like the move - half the money raised this time around will be given to two charities both re missing persons.

I have spoken of this many times on the blog as to why they never help others when they have so much.

What would have been rather nice, is, if ALL proceeds from this event was given to missing persons charities for them to distribute and use in the best possible way to help as many families as possible. If they raise £100,000 as they expect to, that means still that one child Madeleine has £50,000 added to the pot which currently stands at £400,000.00. The other two charities receiving £25,000.00, not to be sniffed at, but when you consider how far the charities will have to spread this for all that has to be done within the scope of their organisation, it is a drop in the ocean. Also the Fund for Madeleine I believe does not have charity status.

It would be beneficial to more people if all monies raised in any of these ventures were given to the missing persons charities. Madeleine would still benefit in the same way as all other missing persons would.

Bear in mind also, the McCann's have already stated that the £500,000.00 which they had left in the pot before Christmas 2009 (now £400,000.00) would be gone by springtime. If they know this, then this sum of money has been accounted for, 'spent' in other words.

£500,000.00 in a matter of months is a vast sum of money. Their rate of expenditure then would appear to be in the region of £1/2m
quarterly. Whoa!

If they are going to ONLY receive £50,000.00 being their half share of this upcoming Charity event, that rather leaves them in a pickle,

£50,000 (the half share) will hardly meet the costs of the PI's salary, not to mention

Duarte's fees
Carter Ruck
Accountancy Fees
Salaries for John McCann and whomever else is in paid employment.
Stock for the tacky online shop.
Clarence's fees (though he is part time at the moment)
Administrative fees.

Heating/Lighting expenses.

Is rental of a premise involved? Where does the administrators of the Fund work from?

Blog monitoring fees.

Travel expenses and all else under this umbrella.

The shop if it has unsold stock, will be running at a loss.

Their accounts I believe do not have to be completely transparent, that is they are able to make available for the public to view part of, but not all.

The article yesterday stated that there will be wealthy persons at this charity event, who are willing to back them.

Now whether that means 'back' this event, or back them by making huge donations to their Fund.

Either way, they will never be short of a penny or a pound.

To plead poverty in the press when there is £400,000.00 in the pot is rather crass by anyone's standards.

For the parents of all other missing children they must look on and ask, why it is so that one set of parents receive so much publicity and attention from these wealthy celebrities when their child doesn't.

Of course it is up to the individual how they spend their cash, but it won't stop parents desperate to find their child, left wondering why.

To some it may seem a "nice" gesture that some of the monies raised will go to two charities, for others it will seem like they are being thrown a crumb from the McCann table albeit an expensive crumb at £150.00 for the meal ticket.

Sadly, money seems to be at the route of this entire case, not Madeleine. But then they do say it is the route of all evil!

As the writer the Independent article stated, if these libel cases continue distracting from the issue of a missing child - we will soon be saying- Madeleine who?

It would appear it has already started.

It quite saddened me to read that the McCann's need this evening to relieve the stress of the Court case last week.

Madeleine needed them to do a reconstruction, answer and co-operate with the police authority investigating her disappearance. She needed them to do this in the hope that it may find her, and release her from her suffering and pain at the hands of the paedophiles who her parents think she is with.

They do say a heinous crime has been committed. That a terrible person has their child. They therefore cannot deny that their child has been harmed. Yet they constantly tell us. They have no proof that she has been.

Why then tell us that a heinous crime has been committed at the hands of an evil abductor

They cannot have it both ways. But as we know, that is exactly what they want.

They want the public to search, to give money, but be quiet, shut up, ask no questions, accept what they tell you.