Saturday, 9 January 2010

Trust Me I'm a Police Officer

As far as I could throw ye.

Source for the graphic: Operation Ore Truth Out

Let's dooooo the Hokey Cokey.

Trust me I'm a Police Officer

A former police officer who claimed he was a "black magic" high priest while sexually abusing three children has been jailed for seven years. more.

A former police officer and a Chinese woman have been remanded in custody charged with human trafficking and controlling prostitution. more.

A 26-year-old policeman has been charged with murdering his police constable girlfriend. more.

A West Midlands police officer has been arrested by detectives investigating the murder of a teenage model. more.

The Chief Special Constable for Hampshire Constabulary has been charged with theft and false accounting. more.

A police officer who admitted having sex with one woman while on duty and propositioning another after she had been arrested was today jailed for four months. more.

A former police officer was facing jail today after he admitted stealing a winning betting slip from a dead man. more.

A Metropolitan police sergeant who was filmed slapping a female protester at the G20 protests is under investigation for allegedly assaulting a second woman, the Guardian can reveal. more.

h/t Ironside - OBU Investigators