Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It's The English Way. Oh No It's Not!

This then the last of four articles for today authored by Ann Miller, and it is to her I doff the cap with a sweeping flourish.


I was looking at an old documentary. The McCann's in that documentary state that on the night Madeleine disappeared it was their intention to take the children to the Millennium for dinner?

The reason they didn't, apparently, was that they did not have a child buggy and would therefore have to carry the twins.

They had eaten there on the first evening as the welcome dinner was held there. It didn't work out for the reason given above - they didn't have a buggy.

They also state that they thought about taking them to the Tapas that night but were not sure of getting a table?

I'm puzzled by this as it contradicts every other interview they have given, police statements

The Tapas group after the 'disaster' of the first evening meal at the Millennium, where they have all stated it didn't really work out, as tables had to be put together to accommodate their party, being so large, and the long walk back with the little ones, thereafter pre-booked a table at the tapas restaurant for the remainder of their holiday, for the adults ONLY.

They did this we are told as their children, as is the BRITISH way go to bed very early and it would be too late to have them out late into the evening.

Gerry explained this in another documentary in his own words.

Further, the children ate dinner (tea if you like each evening as part of the daytime childcare arrangements) this allowed the children then to be put to bed so as the parents could have time to themselves.

These are the reasons given. They said they were happy that they had managed to get a table arranged, for every evening at the tapas. They were pleased that their apartments were all close together. And they were pleased as they could now put in place their 'listening service'

Clarence confirmed this also when he stated that this is what the British people do, put the kids to bed early so as the parents can enjoy some free time to themselves.

Unfortunately he forgot to add that whilst British parents may put their children to bed earlier than on the continent (in summertime) that they DO arrange for someone to look after them.

We are told this is why the McCann's felt it okay to do this, as this is the British way!

Based on what Clarence and the others have said, that this is what they did at home, the British way, it would be reasonable to assume that there is every likelihood, that the children were left alone at home also. After all, it is the British way!

Is it the British way to tell a different story at almost every turn?

Now back to taking the children to the Millennium for dinner.

At what point I wonder did the McCann's consider this?

That morning Madeleine told them of Sean and her crying the previous night. At that point the McCann's stated they agreed to 'WATCH over their children MORE CAREFULLY'
From that I think we can also take it they were not cancelling their usual night at the tapas with friends in preference to taking the children to the Millennium Restaurant.

I think we can safely say also that they were not taking the children with them either, to the tapas that night with the grown-ups as that would have gone down like a lead balloon!

And remember, THEY WERE DOING THE BRITISH THING, putting kids to bed and having adult time alone! So these children were not going to the tapas for dinner whether the tapas could give them a table or not.

Also, the children's day was already arranged. It was the same as it had been during that week - spent at the childcare, tea eaten there also.

McCann's had their tennis lessons etc all planned and booked also.

So when exactly was it that they considered taking the children to the Millennium for dinner on the 3rd May 2007, and when was it they thought they would take them to the tapas for dinner on the 3rd May but didn't think they would get a table?

Not making much sense.

If the McCann’s are to claim that a book, Sr Amaral’s book to be precise, has misled the public to believing that Madeleine is dead, and that due to this, no one will come forward with information regarding Madeleine, then it is a fair argument that the many stories, which Clarence has openly admitted he had a hand in ‘shaping’ and the many contradictions ‘misleading’ items in the McCann documentaries/ interviews have most certainly been to lead the public into believing that their child was abducted, with no possibility of any other scenario. That fails Madeleine.

When their own PI states in the press that Madeleine is most likely in a lair in PDL in the wilderness surrounding it, in a place that no one can get to (how did the abductor get there?) and that in TEN years time he will still be wondering how to reach her........How, after reading this, are the public able to help in any way?

Will not the public say, 'well if they cannot reach her, how are we able to?'

When we add to the mix the story by MacIntyre (whether you believe he was serious or taking a dig at the McCann’s, the story is out there)** that the alleged abductor came and went, in and out of the apartment all week long before striking, then that does not encourage the public to come forward either. (It also lets the public see just how badly these children were neglected, that not only on the night Madeleine disappeared was there a mad man with these children, but on other evenings also the neglect was such that it allowed this.)

The public will think that the PI and the Reporter have it all ‘wrapped up’ that they must have got their evidence from somewhere to declare such a thing.

We also have the little matter of proving that everyone who read the book believed the thesis held by the police investigation.

There are many out there who have read the book and believe that the child was abducted, as in the step by step McCann Guide.

Who can prove that someone with information read the book and did not come forward?

How many people exactly would have information, and have read the book.

How many people before reading the book had already their thoughts as to what happened?

We could go on forever with this.....

If the McCann’s, their PI’s and all the financial backing they have cannot reach this child, do more, then there is nothing in a book, which will change this situation.

This statement by their PI, Dave Edgar, has been more damaging to any ‘SEARCH’ than any book written which is based on police files.

When I hear of the Fund raisers, the online shop, the Court cases, the many people profiting from this Fund, I have to ask when does the SEARCH for this child begin, where does it fit in with all else that is happening.

PR’s being hired for a missing child, celebrity bashes..........

As Astro has said - Remember Madeleine?

The writer in the Independent was right also ..... Madeleine Who?

It has begun!