Tuesday, 26 January 2010

CEOP Let Us Have A Little Reminder About The Merits Of Your Guest Speaker Gerry McCann

Today at the CEOP.

09:00 Registration
09:30 Welcome: Jim Gamble, Chief Executive, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
09.45 Multiple case research: Jim O. Beasley III, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation
10.30 An holistic approach: Adam Gregory, Senior Behavioural Investigative Adviser, National Policing Improvement Agency
11:00 Break
11.30 Operation Paris – the Shannon Matthews investigation: Detective Superintendent Andy Brennan, Detective Inspector Andy Walker, West Yorkshire Police
12:30 Lunch
13.30 False allegations of abduction: William Donaldson, Supervisory Special Agent, Federal Bureau of Investigation
14:30 Break
14.45 Insight from the minds of child abductors: Detective Chief Superintendent Graham Hill, Dr Joe Sullivan, Consultant Chartered Psychologist, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
16.00 Closing speech: Gerry McCann
16.30 Questions and answers session: All speakers

And let us not forget this, they didn't make "A" mistake, this was a program, the first night apart, that was in place EVERY night. A three year old and two two year olds left alone in the pitch black of night.

Unless of course the perceived neglect is a lesser thing than what really happened to the girl, but that is for another time and another place than here and now.

Believe me, this was originally meant to be a far more damning post than this, but quite frankly I'm sick to fucking death of it all today.

Gerry McCann is responsible for his daughter's death and he has dropped her body in a hole somewhere, or the equivalent of.

But there will be a more damning post be assured, I just need to get cleaned up a bit, I've been wading through the McCann sewer for far too long and I stink of shit.

And if you want to try and shut me up, bring it fucking on, bring it fucking on with your shyster fucking lawyers and all.