Saturday, 16 January 2010

Daily Mirror on The Wall

I should have known Joana would run this same story, Parsons being her favourite Brit n'all.

I wouldn't have bothered with it myself knowing that, but when I started collecting my bits and bobs to put it together, which for some reason took an age, nobody had at that time picked up on it.

So the same story, only illustrated.

Maddy McCann cop adds insults to injury
By Tony Parsons

If, as has been suggested in Portugal, there was a “media circus” around the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, then it is the Portuguese police who are the clowns.
Cruel, stupid, spiteful clowns.
You would never guess it but Kate and Gerry McCann are not actually on trial in Lisbon.
Madeleine’s parents have brought legal action against detective Goncalo Amaral, who they accuse of libelling them in his book, Maddie: The Truth Of The Lie.
But the Portuguese plods have used the libel case to declare open season on the McCanns. One former policeman, Francisco Moita Flores, told the court that only the ­“distraction” of the “media circus” prevented the McCanns from being charged with negligence.
“No one believed it was an abduction,” he told the court. “It was a fairytale, a fable.”
But if Madeleine was not abducted, then what happened?
The Portuguese police were shown up as a bunch of clueless amateurs by the Madeleine case, and – shamed, embarrassed, infuriated – they turned their rage on the McCanns.
Even now, the Portuguese cops treat Kate and Gerry McCann with a grotesque lack of respect.
Asked if he cared that he had hurt the McCanns, Goncalo Amaral told a BBC reporter: “No, f*** the McCanns.”
A class act, that fat copper, who has sought to make money out of a stolen child – and the endless grief of her parents.
And what a shock to see the faces of Kate and Gerry McCann back in our newspapers.
The indelible pain is stamped on their faces for ever.
The greatest tragedy is, of course, that a little girl was stolen from her family.
But it is also genuinely tragic that the Portuguese police did not seriously look for the bastard who stole her.
And that’s because they have always been far too busy slandering that little girl’s parents. Mirror

And at the risk of incurring great wrath from herself, Parsons isn't the actually biggest McCann whore on the street corner. (Forgive me I have sinned.)

Xenophobic ignorant little tosser without doubt, and more than worthy of the description that "Brunty of of The Yard, no less" worded when describing Goncalo Amaral's metric for the British press.


But it is this fellow that is the biggest whore of all, he may not be as inflammatory as some, but Roddy darling beavers away quietly, writing his shite with the dismal relentless monotony that is his wont.

Lying on his back staring at the ceiling, thinking only of McCann England.

Rod Chaytor, McCann whore of the year!

"the McCanns-clearly innocent-absolutely clearly innocent" where you will find a link to a catalogue of Roddy's fellatio hackery.