Sunday, 10 January 2010

Mark Williams-Thomas, Cunt

Cunt and whore, selling his pussy sorry expertise sorry testimony, bought lies, that's getting closer, but still seems somehow a woefully inadequate description of his shameless, embarrassingly transparent, the bogey man did it, pro McCann agenda.

Perhaps if I rid from my head something that is at the fore the words might come to me more easily, yes let me rid myself of the short story that Thomas, and those of his ilk, consistently evoke.

When questioned by her flat mate as to the success and subsequent earnings of her first time on the game, the novice hooker seemed quite unperturbed by the experiences of her début, with a smile and more than just a hint of pride declared, "I made ten dollars twenty five cents."

The inevitable question soon followed, "Who gave you the quarter?"

"Why they all did."

Such is the life of a two bit whore.

I had rather thought of awarding Mark Williams-Thomas joint first place in my cunt of the year competition, joining with the current holder, Dave "held in a secret lair" Edgar, but that would then relegate the current silver medallist to bronze, and to do that would entail me bothering my arse to issue new diplomas and such, it's all a bit of a quandary really.

But wait a minute, it's a new year, I can start afresh, last years awards can stand and off I can go with a clean sheet so to speak. But I shall learn from this, better I think throughout the year to only nominate deserving cunts, leaving the awarding of pots and ribbons and such until some suitable date in December can be affixed for such a ceremony.

So, that said, Mark Williams-Thomas, I nominate you for cunt of year.

So a quick look at the latest drivel from the Beethoven Express, (gedit?) which is nothing by compare to previous two bit whoring by our newly nominated nominee.

A similar glance at our nominee, and that done we* shall take a proper look at the real Leonor Cipriano.

Madeleine McCann: Kidnap Ring Link

A GIRL who vanished just a few miles from where Madeleine McCann disappeared was sold to child traffickers, a Portuguese court will be told next week.
Joana Cipriano was just eight when she vanished on September 12, 2004, from the village of Figueira, near Portimao in the Algarve.
Leonor’s partner Antonio Silva says Joao Cipriano confessed in May last year that he was solely responsible for Joana’s disappearance because he wanted to sell her to raise money to fund his addiction to hard drugs.
Mr Silva’s statement, seen by the Sunday Express, says : “The police always refused to investigate the many rumours in ­Figueira that criminals would be tempted to buy the girl. British criminologist and child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas called for Joana’s case to be reopened and for an investigation to see if it was linked to Madeleine’s disappearance. source

Mark Williams-Thomas
Mark Williams-Thomas, a former policeman and managing director of WT Associates, a PR company specialized in child protection, media handling and advice for high profile cases, urged Portuguese police to ditch the case against the McCann – a case that he classified as “ludicrous” – and follow another lead that he thinks could take PJ to the real kidnapper.
The managing director of PR company WT Associates, who is usually introduced to Sky News viewers only as a “child protection expert” or “crime expert”, criticised Polícia Judiciária for not paying attention to “such a strong line of inquiry”. The PR expert referred that, even if “over 90% of murders are domestic-related”, he can’t “accept that Gerry and Kate as parents of the child could have been involved in her murder.”.................
...............The fact that one of the officers accused in Chief-Inspector Gonçalo Amaral casts “huge doubt” to the managing director of WT Associates, who believes that Mr. Amaral should be ousted from the investigation of Madeleine’s case: “”Even if we work on the basis that he is innocent, given this allegation against him, he shouldn’t have anything to do with the Madeleine investigation”, the PR expert told to Sky News.
Questioned yesterday, September 14, about his business relationship, as a expert also in media handling and advice for high profile cases, Mr. Mark Williams-Thomas initially confirmed that his company had a contract to provide services to the McCann. Asked to confirm some details of that business relationship, he changed his initial answer and denied any relationship, admitting only that he has “been in contact with the press officers for the family.” more

I am going to send you off to a blog that has put a few posts together on the subject. It's not that I'm too idle to put something together myself, it's that I have just spent over two hours searching my own blogs, the Mail, the Express and Google trying to find a post that I know exists but has apparently disappeared off the face of the earth. Nothing sinister about not being able to find it, just odd and more than a little frustrating.

The story I was looking for, an example of the zenith reached by the Daily Mail in it's reporting standards. Standards such that produce an article that can only describe as a grotesque obscenity, as I say eludes me, but it was a similar story to this one and did indeed carry the same photo and caption.

The irony of Cipriano standing there with a poster in her hands, quite obviously lost on David Rose, the dense fucker who put this trash together.

Poor wrongly convicted, pure as the driven snow, the much misunderstood Leonor Cipriano and not least that nasty man, Goncalo Amaral.

Sorry about this small digression, but sometimes when you drop on something, it just cannot be ignored. So just this small excerpt then before we move on, this little something to swell with pride the chests of my dear countrymen, a classic piece of Daily Mail reporting.

David Rose: I confronted the sweaty, corpulent figure in an ill-fitting jacket twice last Friday: the first time at 10am, as he sat slurping coffee and cakes at the Kalahary cafe in Portimao with his colleague, Chief Inspector Guillermino Encarnacao; the second just before 3pm, when the two men made their way from a restaurant to a waiting black Mercedes, in which they were driven 400 yards to meet officials at the courthouse.
The reaction was the same both times: "No speak! No speak!" was all Amaral would say, making a swatting motion as though batting away an insect.
But Amaral's official silence is not the only difference between him and his counterparts in Britain.
In the UK, it is unlikely he would be leading the McCann inquiry at all. More, McMail

Isn't that nice?

Court hears Joana’s horror story
Onlookers in the public gallery screamed abuse at the mother and uncle of Joana Cipriano as they were ferried to and from court.
The case, which has shocked the nation with its account of incest, murder and desecration, took just three days to be tried. The Public Ministry has pressed for jail terms of 24 years for the defendants, who are charged with qualified murder, as well as desecrating and concealing a body.
Joana disappeared, presumed murdered, in the Algarve village of Figueira, near Portimão. She was last seen buying food from a nearby café on the evening of September 12 last year. Prosecutors charge that she came home to find her mother, 34-year-old Leonor Cipriano, and her uncle, 32-year-old João Cipriano, having sex. Fearful that Joana would relate the incident to her stepfather, they allege that the couple decided to kill her. The prosecution also said that the couple had repeatedly mistreated Joana, recounting that she was little more than a “servant” in her own household.
The court heard a catalogue of horrifying details, including an earlier video taped confession from Joana’s uncle in which he related the circumstances of his niece’s murder. This video testimony is now the subject of an appeal from the defence team who claim it should be excluded because the couple exercised their right to remain silent during the trial. In the taped confession, João Cipriano said he and his sister hit Joana who then banged her head against a wall before collapsing, unconscious, onto the floor. João Cipriano claimed that he had wanted to call an ambulance but that his sister prevented him, telling him instead to go to Joana’s stepfather and inform him that she had disappeared.
Her mother made subsequent public appeals for her daughter’s safe return, claiming that she had been kidnapped. But authorities began to suspect the couple after villagers noted their allegedly offhand reaction to Joana’s disappearance. Local shopkeeper Nídia Rochato remembered that Leonor neither cried nor seemed unduly concerned. When she commented on this to her, Leonor reportedly replied that she believed that her daughter was still alive.

more - link to main page, scroll about a little there is much on the subject.
eta: I wouldn't go as far as to call it delicious, but there is a certain irony here nonetheless.
The one man facing the courts is the one man that can stand scrutiny.
Blair, Brown, John Buck, former Ambassador to Portugal, and then all the rest that are associated with the McCanns, there isn't a man jack among them, not a fucking one, that would stand scrutiny under oath in a court of law.
And believe me that constitutes a lot of people and a lot of organisations.