Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The McCann's Confession & The Truth About The Lie

I cannot employ the same metric as that used the British press in assessing (attempting to influence public opinion) this case, quite simply because it doesn't exist in my world.

You see, my world is a different world, it's a world based on, in the main , two things, reality and something almost as precious as our recently discussed "gift of rational thought," a thing called common sense.

And it's this common sense, worth more might I add, than diamonds and pearls, going as far perhaps in saying that it is of such worth that a mere ounce of common sense out-values brains by a ratio of, what shall we say, sixteen to one? A ratio not picked by accident as you can well imagine, but selected to endorse my many previous assertions that just one ounce of common is worth equal to that of a pound of grey matter.

And it's this common sense that says to me, and to you, if first we assume you are in possession of such, that, as the parents of a truly abducted child, the likes of what you see below is so unlikely, that it is not a written timeline made ready to show the police, it is in fact a confession, or what amounts to one in the real world, the world that is possessed of an ounce of common sense that is.

A Verdade Da Mentira - The Truth About The Lie.