Sunday, 31 January 2010

Why Do These Killers Remind Me Of Gerry McCann?

It must be because they sound exactly like him, I cannot think of any other reason.

Unless it's the acting of course, yes it could be that, but then maybe it's a bit of both. What do you think, same lines-same acting?

This then, in one place and with my emphasis, the transcript from: "Why Do Killers Speak Out?"

~ ~ ~

Scott Peterson Transcript..

At this point unfortunately, it has reached a point where suspicion of me, is keeping people from searching for Laci.

Its lost that um there focussing on me, we need to ask people when was the last time they really though about Laci missing? as opposed to when the suspicions
that swirl around me. Currently um its important that we get people out there looking for Laci again.

There's some very simple things um obviously, yes, I had a.. relationship that was inappropriate and unfair to a lot of people and I apologise to everyone involved in that,,to all the families. it had nothing to do with Lacis disappearance.

(Change voice...weepy)
She knows how much she's loved , how much she's missed and be strong and we're working to get you home.

Question..You haven't given up?

S:P: No, I'm definitely not giving up.

Question..How much difficult does that get after...(can't hear)

S.P. Everyday,its more and more difficult. But, imagine, how difficult it must be for her. She's... so please volunteers anything possible help her. Thanks..(inaudible) Thank you.

Susan Smith Transcript.

I want to say to my babies, that your mama loves you so much and your daddy and this whole family loves you so much and you guys have to be strong.

Hey, I mean they've got people everywhere looking for them. I mean you know you can hear the helicopters in the area.
Um..but they haven't seen anything. Its just crazy and its been since 9 o'clock last night...You know and I,I, really thought that when it got daylight they would find them within a heartbeat but all I'm doing is just praying. I'm just keeping my faith that there gonna be O:K:

Mark Hacking. Transcript.

I woke at about eight recognised that she hadn't awakened me when she came home from running. Um but didn't think much of it ..she often does that if I'm tired or something so that out of respect I guess just let me sleep. Um..and I
often drive her to work. Today, she wanted to drive herself and then I called her at about 10o'clock just to say Hi and see how she was doing..
(Breaks down)

and they told me...I'm sorry...she never made it in this morning.

Former Profiler.

Question by D.A.

Clint, your a former profiler. I got to believe that these people have experienced things in their past where they've been able to get away with it. They've been able to lie and talk their way out of things and thinking that they just maybe able to just do it again.


Yes, your right Dan. I mean you know the shrinks will say you know , these people we have just looked at are narcissistic sociopaths. You and I will say these are people who have lied in their lives. They've lied about little things and they've gotten away with it and Dan that's been a pattern of behaviour when they need a reason , when they need an excuse, they lie.

In the past, people bought it..all of a sudden now people don't buy it..and they don't understand because they've gotten away with it for years.


Monica, what's interesting is you can compare Drew Peterson with some of the people we just saw...he's not shedding tears he is almost, is saying, hey look I need a lawyer..Somebody out there get me a lawyer and then he goes around insulting his missing wife.


Dan,its about arrogance or innocence. So, either go and do this interview to profess their innocence or they do it because they are arrogant and narcissistic and want the attention. Here, look at him he's saying come here I've got a really big case. I need help. Come, pay attention to me and give me legal services for free..'Are you kidding me?'

Host D:A:

But, Monica do you think he's just going out with a final Swan song? I mean, even when he's proclaiming his innocence he's not doing it with any great fervour. I mean its almost, like well. I don't know what happened but you know what. My wife, when she was menstrual, would be a big problem. I mean you know right that's kinda what Drew Peterson was saying.


Well,what he's doing is basically ..he's putting down his wife. He's saying how horrible they were. How materialistic they were and he's the good guy here. End.