Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Kate: God Love Her, Her Sun, and Her Sun's Whores

And nobody said a word.

Kate: Our 1,000 days without Maddie

MADELEINE McCann's parents will today mark a THOUSAND days since she vanished - with a vow NEVER to give up searching for her.

Doctors Kate and Gerry are to host a fundraising dinner as a thousand lanterns are poignantly released into the sky around the world.
Anguished Kate, 41, will tell guests in London how she struggles to even say the landmark number. Opening her heart, the mum, of Rothley, Leics, admits in her speech: "It's difficult sometimes to understand how we've been able to keep going and survive without Madeleine."
The event bears the poignant title: "Still Missing, Still Missed: An Evening for Madeleine". She was three when she vanished on a 2007 holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal.
Vowing to "turn every stone" her mum will declare: "We will never give up on Madeleine." Poet Simon Armitage will unveil a specially-written sonnet entitled The Beacon. The grim anniversary comes as a SECOND vile book - Faked Abduction - accuses the McCanns of lying about Maddie's disappearance.
Brit Steve Marsden repeats claims in a book by ex-Portuguese cop Goncalo Amaral. Family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "Everything Mr Marsden alleges is entirely untrue."Sun

Poem for Maddie

THIS is the moving poem Kate and Gerry McCann commissioned to mark today the 1000th day of Maddie being missing.
Poet and playwright Simon Armitage penned the poem called The Beacon after meeting the McCanns.
He told how he talked to Kate about her greatest fears of what had happened to her daughter, saying: "One of the things I talked to Kate about was how difficult it must be to keep out that fear and that doubt and darkness.
"We talked about the night Madeleine went missing, those terrible hours of darkness before it became light again and they could resume the search. It was like meeting in the middle."
Kate and Gerry, both 41, from Rothley, Leicestershire, wrote him several pages of thoughts about their daughter who disappeared on May 3 2007.
He said: "The McCanns are optimistic, I think you can call that optimism hope. They have hope and that's what keeps them going.
"One thing Kate will say is that they don't have any concrete evidence to say that she's dead.
"For as long as that's the case, they have a parent's duty and it's their fierce desire to keep looking for her. And they have faith, they are strong Roman Catholics.
"That sense of lighting a candle, saying a prayer, keeping hope burning - I was trying to tap into that as well."
The father of a ten-year-old daughter Mr Armitage said he felt terrible sympathy for the McCanns.
He said: "Parents can identify with the McCanns losing something that is your whole world, around which things orbit. For most of us it's an unimaginable loss. That's one of the reasons that their story is so powerful."
He says the McCanns have described the poem as "beautiful" and have told Mr Armitage that it captures many of their feelings and the issues around the loss of their daughter.
A handwritten copy of the poem will be auctioned at the celebrity dinner being hosted by the McCanns tonight.
The last line is inspired by the iconic photo of Maddie aged three and the candle kept burning in the square in Rothley.
Mr Armitage said the line "Somewhere out there there has to be life", reflects the McCanns' hope that their daughter may still be alive.
He said: "They have hope and that's what keeps them going."
The Beacon
Dusk, doubt, the growing depth of an evening sky, dark setting in as it did that night, the forever vastness of outer space reflecting the emptiness here inside, shadowing, colouring, clouding the mind.
But somewhere out there there has to be life, the distance only a matter of time, a world like our own, its markings and shades as uniquely formed as a daughter's eye, distinctly flecked, undeniably hers, looking back this way through the miles and years to a lantern cupping a golden blaze, its candle alive with a fierce blonde flame for the thousandth time, for as long as it takes.Sun

What unmitigated fucking drivel.

“Kate will be at her fundraising night in London – God love her, she’s worked so hard on that – but there will also be a lantern release in Rothley.”

Mummy mummy, nights left alone

Searching forever until I am grown

Why do you lie about what happened that night?

The night when I died in the dark without light.

We were so afraid but you just did not care

Much more important to wash your blonde hair

Now daddy and you are both very rich

For an IVF sure is a Bitch.

Courtesy of Ironside.