Sunday, 24 January 2010

Well Look Who's Crawled Out From The Woodwork, Dave, I'm Such a Whore, Edgar

There are whores, then there are whores and then there is Dave Edgar, cunt.

This is just too ridiculous for words.

Who has managed to drag this one out closet again, "a Source" told the Star, who could that be I wonder, it couldn't possibly be Clarence Mitchell could it? and the timing! perfect, just in time to prove to the world what dim, infantile, obvious, desperate arseholes you really all are.

Just in time for McCann's bad taste ball of the Century, what a truly obscene bunch of loathsome creatures.

MISSING Madeleine McCann could be still alive and just a few miles from the Portuguese resort where she vanished in 2007, investigators believe.

Former detective inspector Dave Edgar, who is leading the hunt, made a secret visit to Praia da Luz at the beginning of last week.

On his return, he said it was a “very distinct possibility” that Maddie could be living in a poor country district inland from the holiday area.

A source told the Daily Star Sunday: “The areas that Dave’s team have focused on are very rural. There are no tourists around there at all. He believes Madeleine could be held in such an area.”

Rather than link to this trash, I shall send you over to Joana Morais who has a word or two more to say on the subject, and I suppose I ought to dig out a picture or two.

In fact if only for timing so fucking obvious you could trip over it, here's your own little gallery you shameless cunt.

It would be remiss if I didn't feature this pearl.

Mr Mitchell said: “It’s a painful date for Kate and Gerry. But they remain as determined as ever.”

This is no way to start a day, back to the feathers goes I.


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