Friday, 29 January 2010

Tony, You Need To Come Up With Something Better Than This

Or perhaps I might put it this way, you cannot be serious.

Mind you, how Nick Robinson is privy to all this, I have no idea.

Tony Blair is set to mount a spirited defence when he is questioned in public for the first time about his decision to take the UK to war against Iraq.

He will be questioned at the Iraq war inquiry for six hours on the build-up to the 2003 invasion and its aftermath.

Controversial government dossiers justifying action will be discussed.

BBC political editor Nick Robinson said the ex-PM was expected to say Saddam Hussein had the "capacity and intent" to build weapons of mass destruction.

He added: I'm told that Tony Blair will claim that the fall of Saddam has improved and saved the lives of many Iraqis.

"He'll argue that despite the terrible bloodshed since, it has been worth it for Iraq and the world as a whole.

Demonstrators outside the inquiry venue will demand to know from Mr Blair where the weapons of mass destruction were that Saddam was supposed to have, the BBC's Nick Robinson went on.

"His answer, I'm told, is this. The weapons inspectors found Saddam had both the capacity and intent to build them at speed." more BBC

I never said that! It's worth watching.