Thursday, 7 January 2010

How Credible An Organisation Is The CEOP?

Answers on a postcard please, to:

Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre
33 Vauxhall Bridge Road
London SW1V 2WG

I was rather hoping for an unadulterated version of this clip where I think the wee man expands his bizarre theories a little further. But for the moment it serves it's purpose of showing that McCann just never knows when to shut the fuck up.

ETA: Though it wasn't scripted per se, it was by no casual accident that this subject was slipped in, it was always heading that way, or am I stating the bleeding obvious; forgive me if I am.

~ ~ ~

He was shown the room the child had disappeared from, having noticed that people also entered and left that room without any care in the sense of preserving traces. Inside this room there were two children, babies, sleeping in two cots placed in the middle of the room.

It was requested that the babies were moved, which was done accordingly, the witness having subsequently put his gloves on to begin the on-site inspection. Witness statement: Joao Barreiras PJ Deputy Specialist.

~ ~ ~

Inside the room that was indicated as being that of the missing girl, there were two children, babies, who appeared to sleeping in two cots placed in the middle of the room.

A request was made to the OC services director for the family to be re-allocated and accordingly the babies were taken out of the room, so that the site could be searched. Witness statement; Vitor Manuel Martins PJ Officer.